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Lawyers represent people seriously injured in rollover accidents caused by defective tires. Detreading may be the result of the use of poor components in the manufacturing process, improper assembly, aging and other effects. Read about how our landmark U.S. Supreme Court victory benefited consumers across America. We represent people across America who suffered serious injuries as a result of a defective product. If you were seriously injured, or a loved one was killed, as a result of a defective tire, contact us to discuss your legal rights.
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Defective Tire Lawsuits

Lawyers Represent People Seriously Injured in Accidents Involving Defective Tires

Defective tires are responsible for thousands of car accidents every year, many involving serious injuries and death. High speed tire failures are among the most dangerous defective products.

Bad tires can cause accidents in various ways, including:

When tire failures occur during tight turns, vehicles may roll. Those with higher centers of gravity are especially vulnerable to this.

It is well worth the time of every driver to inspect his or her tires occasionally. In addition to maintaining recommended tire pressures, look for any irregularities, including these:

  • Tread separations
  • Bubbles or bulges in sidewalls
  • Cracking
  • Unusual or uneven tread wear

If you spot any signs of possible trouble, promptly have your tires inspected by an expert. Remember, a high speed tire failure can result in a devastating accident with catastrophic injuries.


Preserving Evidence and Investigation

Following any tire failure accident resulting in serious injuries, it is imperative that the vehicle and the faulty tire be obtained at the earliest possible time and adequately secured for later examination by experts. This evidence is critical to the victims' claims, and failure to preserve it is likely to result in a loss of any claim against the tire manufacturer.

For this reason, you should immediately see to the protection of this evidence and retain a lawyer who is experienced in tire defect cases to represent you. He or she will attend to the preservation of all the important evidence and employ the experts to examine it and render important opinions as to the cause of the failure.

In defective tire cases, time is of the essence!

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